Hello, Beautiful People. Want to know what’s happening with me?

Well, somebody tricked me… led me to believe that I no longer had a bucket list. I was absolutely certain that the last thing I wanted to do in this body was to get my old tape, my enigma, uploaded onto the internet. I DID THAT LAST YEAR. So, apparently not.

They picked me up and moved me to Smith River, where I got a dose of renewed energy and I found myself right back at it, still wanting to get that old message out there. Both versions have been on Amazon for months with NO results.

Today or tomorrow the first of two magazine ads will be released, both targeting spiritual aspirants. I am now in a position to offer a FREE download of the pdf version which was a gift from two of my beautiful people, addressed above.

Because the link, itself, is cumbersome, the ads ask that they email me and ask for the link. I’m trembling with excitement as I wait for the first email.  I really expect to be quite busy with that for awhile. Know that I could not be happier – that life never ceases to be interesting – that the child within never really loses the enthusiasm we were born to know and share. I read recently that the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life it to give it away.

I shall try to attach the ad, but, frankly, I don’t know how to do that.

Oh, look at that – my precious little cottage in Fort Bragg. That works for me.



It’s about time I reported in as to why you won’t get an answer if you call me. I am away for the winter. Long nights and short days by myself made the decision for me. My guardian angel is not always subtle. And imagine being lucky enough to have an option.

When my daughter, Erin, and her husband, Bill, bought this acre of land in Smith River they saved half of it for me. It took thirty years, but all of that time they kept reminding me that I would be welcome here. What’s left of me came to live in their home on December 21st. At a time when it was a godsend and more appreciated than words can say.

They are spoiling me rotten, fattening me up, and giving me wonderful company – 24/7. The trip was grueling since I’m used to spending about half my time in a prone position and couldn’t do that that day. But now you can all stop worrying about me. I am in good hands. Erin makes every meal a party with her knack for setting a tempting table and presenting each item in its best possible container. 

2013 promises to be a year of comfort, love and new adventures. May all of you, my people, feel the same way about your new year. If it weren’t for missing my son and my adorable little fairy tale cottage, I would be perfect.




Even if you think astrology is hog-wash, you might want to let me run this by you.

If you survived the first 28 years of life, you’ve already had your first Saturn return. It re-visited its place in your natal chart (a 28-29 year cycle) about that time and that’s called a “Saturn Return.”  Those of you who made it to 58 have had a second Saturn Return. Me? I’m looking at a Third in 2014 when I turn 88. I welcome it.

Saturn is our heavenly parent, a Father/Mother figure, dishing out perfect justice. We get rewards for our past efforts and ready-or-not directions for what needs to be changed in the future. The first Saturn Return (at about 28) tells us that it’s time to grow up now–complete with the tools we’ll need for doing that, like a change of attitude or a new perspective. The second Return (at about 58) re-plays the tape and causes unmistakable changes in our plans for the future. It helps a lot to believe that this parent is strict, yes, but always fair.

I’d  like to propose a guess that Planet Earth is having something similar to a Saturn Return, on a far larger scale, of course. Everything, everywhere, is cyclic. From our prospective, current changes are called Global Warming. We like to take credit for causing it, which may be pretty arrogant since it implies that WE can fix it. On a larger scale, that’s pretty funny. This old Earth has survived more cycles of both cooling and warming than we could count.

Yet these radical weather changes, are serving as an amazing wake-up call for people everywhere. It looks like we do need to make some changes, to quit taking our Earth for granted as eternal and forever and to expect changes. We are finally realizing that we have nothing to lose by making an effort to respect and protect our homeland. We’re all discovering, with every piece of recyclable, that it feels really good to think “Earth first” … as if we had a choice.

Eating Crow

When I reviewed my last blog, It’s a Wrap, I had to laugh at how presumptious I can be. Who am I to try to outguess the Lords of Karma? I read into a single diagnosis that I had been told, for sure, just how this life is going to end? It may end that way. It may not.

But they do have a way of getting us to take a second look at things, don’t they? And things tend to change. For example, in order to breathe freely, I had to resort to using oxygen–some at first, and then most of the time. This month I can’t leave home without it. That brought on my first experience with severe anxiety. I have Pluto conjunct my Moon so any emotion can be severe for me.

Finally, I was compelled to get a second opinion about taking those antibiotics that the pulmonary specialist had said might slow the affects of my lung bacteria (avium mycobacteria). I do know a real doctor, one who’s in medicine to help people, Dr. Paul Lagomarsino. After David and I consulted with him at length, I decided to reconsider taking medication. He thinks it may arrest the growth of the infection. I started the first antibiotic, Zithromax, in early October.

The fact that I’m writing this is a sure indication that it’s making a difference. I am feeling a little bit better, have enough energy to do some stretching exercises when I wake up, and once again reveling in Nirvana like I used to. That’s all I had asked for—to feel a little better.

So every day is Christmas. My storybook cottage is now sunshine yellow with white trim. At the entry I have a real, live waterfall and a newly restored garden to enjoy. Mavis is eating crow, humbled, truly blessed and grateful beyond words. Thank you all for your prayers, for your love, and for holding me in Light.


I’m now 86. Seriously and joyously preparing for my demise. This, the very end of my life, has brought unexpected fulfillment of my dreams – in particular the one I “married” and tried to give up years ago. If you’ve read my bio, “Getting Lucky at Eighty,” you’ll remember that at the end I “divorced” my hope of ever getting out a cassette-taped message about male/female relationships, an epiphany, which I had had. It’s hard to imagine how much of my later life I have given to that dream. I was only 50 when it happened.
The fact is: I was way ahead of my time by doing what would later become an audio book. It went from cassette, to cd, and now to an mp3, so that you can hear my conviction in my actual voice just as I intended and recorded it in a Hollywood studio in 1981. And NOW, I have transcribed it, and so it’s also available in pdf to read on line, print or download. Amazing! Unbelievable, but true. I’ve contracted with Amazon for the audio version of “Gentlemen Prefer Bitches” and it should be on Audible any day now. Print versions (the pdf) are already on Kindle, at my own website and two others coming soon.
So, yes I’ve done what I came here to do. Last year, because I had borrowed some money to stay in real estate, not accepting that it was over for me, I had to file bankruptcy and give up a profession that I’d loved and clung to for 50 years (1961 to 2011). Because I’m a Scotch/Irish Oakie and a proud Aries, that decision and the stressful months of waiting for it to happen cost me my health. But even at that, God has been good. 
I have a rare disease called Avium Complex. It’s an incurable, slow-growing bacterial infection that had already eaten away much of my right lung before they found it. The stress of giving up work in 2011 brought an immediate loss of appetite and constant nausea. I lost 47 pounds. I guess that’s good for my overall survival, but I’ve been prettier. I have now opted out of taking the recommended three, powerful antibiotics that MIGHT help but would not cure. Why would I do that to an already compromised body that I owe such a debt of gratitude? I have loved and appreciated my body since I was thirty-five.
This infection has REALLY slowed me down – won’t let me walk more than a block – chase boys, or even talk for extended periods of time. But I am not in any pain at all; just have to sleep a lot and rest often and hire help for almost everything that takes energy. I mean, is that a blessing, or what? To have ample warning that it’s all going to be over, and probably without that end-of-life suffering that so many people endure? I’m not good at pain; never was.
Every thing material is now just something I get to need to rid of or to worry about how I’m going to get rid of it. I’m trying to complete my preparations. I have help; so it’s actually fun. Years ago I signed a “Do Not Resuscitate” and filled in the book, “A Graceful Farewell” (Maggie Watson), to save my beloved family all the trouble I can.    
But the greatest joy is knowing that my gift will always be available to bring transparency to male/female relationships and the possibility of leaving my kids some pocket money. We really can’t improve upon how the universal laws work,  can we?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


In the remote area where I live there aren’t many secrets. Almost daily we see people waving banners or otherwise displaying their political views, their Christianity, or other spiritual claims on their vehicles or on their bodies, sometimes at gatherings—like on street corners. A common claim is to be for peace. They may use the word itself or its well-known symbol.

 Using the word peace does not give anyone special dispensation – even if they’re a priest or a reverend. Peace is not a password or a salutation that makes you special. It is a great deal more than a soft, five-letter word and a pretty symbol. Peace is a state of mind. Some people have never known what it feels like to be at peace.

 A few people spend most of their time there. We think of them as peacemakers. They have a way of making other people feel comfortable and accepted and safe. Peacemakers care about their fellowman and they demonstrate caring in all of their dealings with others. They do not rant and rave. They are not radical or angry at the world. They don’t go around passing judgment upon others or running away from a boogieman.  

 Peacemakers make peace.

 As I’m writing this I’m seeing that there is a definite connection between peace and love. Perhaps when we are evolved enough to love enough, we will automatically experience and feel and spread peace wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. There’s no doubt in my mind that there is a peacemaker in all of us. Maybe we could take those negative emotions that come at us and try to convert them into feelings of love. Objects who could use some love and for whom we could feel some, are all around us, all the time. 

It has been so long since I’ve posted here that I had to go back and review a few posts to jog my memory. What I found was how I have been trying, really hard, to justify asking you to read my blog at all.

The truth is that I don’t really have much to say. But I DID once have something to say. And I DID say it. There’s a record (yep, a recording) of that that’s now thirty years old and still timely. It’s such a miracle that technology has now made it possible to pass this on in my lifetime.

For several weeks now, I’ve been expecting, day in and day out, that what I was sent here to learn and to say to you, whether you’re a man or a woman, anywhere in the world, would be made available to you. My goal is to have it uploaded onto Amazon, Audible, ACX. But I guess I’m one of millions awaiting registration and the actual uploading of my life’s work.

Perhaps it won’t hurt to have a few followers holding good thoughts for me as I continue to deal with Amazon.

The original tape was entitled, “Gentlemen Prefer Bitches” and that’s what I’ve submitted to ACX. It was a flawless reel-to-reel, recorded in a Hollywood Studio in May of 1981. Time and reproductions have diminished it slightly and I’ll never speak in that voice again but it served me well.

It’s true that my time could come any day now; but then so could yours. If you happened to miss my blog these past months, you may have thought my time had already come, but that’s not the case.

The first nine months of 2011 were so un-fun that I declared a new, New Year beginning on September 6th instead of January 1. I had finally ended up in the hospital where they used a disgusting roto-rooter procedure to dislodge the source of months of nausea. I had lost 34 pounds from not wanting to eat. That is NOT a good way to take off pounds.

I was surprised to learn how much of the joy of living is centered around food – thinking about it, buying it, preparing it, eating it, and then talking about it – until the thought of it made me feel sick for months on end. I have a new reverence for food.

Now I’m closer to normal again and getting better by the day. I’ve had every test and procedure Medicare ever covered and I now know that my heart is great. It’s my lungs that operate at half mast. I over-worked them.

I also know why older people, at least, are more apt to talk about their health than all other subjects combined. It’s a very expensive habit – trying to stay well. I think I’ll take next year off from doctor’s offices.

May you be well without medications. Ha.



There is so much unrest in the world these days that it’s easy to find ourselves smugly feeling superior, more evolved, and even angry that things have come to this. We’re angry because these are not our battles. Yet we, claiming to be a more civilized people, keep getting involved, sending aid, losing lives, and wondering how those people ever let this happen to them in the first place.

It‘s apparent that the unrest has been brewing for a long time and just about everywhere on Earth at the same time. The pot is boiling over in one country after another; people who have had enough of dictatorship are demanding freedom from it. It’s messy, but it works. In every case though, they have a long way to go.

This unrest is nowhere more alive than in our own country. Here we are not gathering at the town square and throwing things at each other. We’re not taking up arms and pointing guns at the enemy. We’re not surrounding the White House; not yet anyway. But we are joining forces to expose the culprit and stop the nonsense before it’s too late.

Most people are not even aware of who the culprit is. Our unrest takes many forms: politics, medical bills, unemployment, Afghanistan, gasoline prices, education, etc. ad infinitum. But at the bottom of it all is the horrifying fact that big corporations now control every aspect of our lives.

We are in a dictatorship like none other. Even the remarkable man who won our presidency is trying to do his job with one hand tied behind his back. His every move is blocked by an arm of the corporate control ofWashingtonDC.  

What are the chances of our being able to overthrow this dictator? Well, they’re darned good. They’re good because there are so many of us (at least 85% of all Americans are against corporate control.) And our chances are good because we’re Americans.

Americans don’t surrender without taking a stand against the oppressor. An organization calling itself Move to Amend is growing like a wildfire. The hidden enemy has been gaining power since 1819, and now the people are losing ground all too fast. Corporations have the best lawyer money can buy, the Supreme Court of theUnited States.

Our power is in our numbers. We have them outnumbered almost nine to one. We can’t lose. Details and a proposed Amendment to the Constitution can be found at. www.movetoamend.org. Sign the petition. Questions? Email mavis@mcn.org

In my last post I asked if you know where the Moon is in your astrological chart? You may well be wondering what difference does it make?

Well …. if you’re a guy, the Moon in your chart tells us a lot about how you probably perceive women. And how you perceive women has a lot to do with what you will experience with women throughout your life. It begins with your relationship with your mother.

The Moon is always about the feminine and, of course, there is a feminine side in everybody. So first and foremost, your Moon is the feminine “voice” inside you, yourself; what Carl Jung called “the anima.” A guy tends to project that concept of woman onto all women; and he tends to attract women who exhibit those qualities.

 First off, there are generalizations about his Moon: water signs are more emotional, fire signs are more active, air signs are more mental, and earth signs are considered more stable i.e. perhaps more practical and maybe less exciting.

 If your Moon is in a water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you, too, are more emotional than the average man. If it’s in Cancer, your mother cried easily and often and nurtured you to death; if it’s in Scorpio she seems to have a control button at her command, and if it’s in Pisces, you may never get off the hook which is to say you may feel at worst trapped, or at least, obligated.

 I cannot imagine someone not interested in knowing about their own inner-workings,” the challenges and talents that their astrological chart reveals. This is stuff that you’ll never find on google. Only an astrologer can see and know some of the hundreds of details about you that are revealed by the symbols in your horoscope. It’s a map of your life and, I believe, the trip that your soul chose for you to take. 

I will be happy to provide you with the answer to the question, “What sign is your Moon in?” I’ll need from you the time of day you were born, your birth date and location. Unless you know the actual time, don’t guess at it. It’s far too important for an acurate chart. As a rule, your Moon sign does not require an exact time.

Be happy.