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It was sort of shocking to hear the highly respected Dr. Deepak Chopra take the stand that he did after his friend Michael Jackson’s untimely death. He stated unequivocally that street drugs are not nearly as big a problem in America as prescription drugs are. He offered to name some of the worst offenders, medical doctors who attach themselves to movie stars and live the good life writing prescriptions.

 How could we have become a nation hooked on drugs? Well, it’s happened because you and I are buying the hype. We’re allowing ourselves to be constantly brainwashed into taking more and more medications. Unless we’ve never turned on a TV set, we’ve already been subjected to hundreds of hours of pharmaceutical advertising. They’re promoting sickness and sickness fixes twenty-four/seven.

 Roughly, one out of every three television minutes is advertising. It seems like at least one out of every three of those minutes we hear someone pushing a medication. Every drug ad is complete with the acknowledged dangers of taking it, but they want us to take it anyhow. One medication sets the body up for another medication. That’s exactly what they want to happen.

 Medications are mostly chemicals. The body can’t digest chemicals so it deposits them somewhere and viola; now you have arthritis. You’ll need another medication, and another and another.

 The physical damage though is not the worst part. The real horror is that we’re developing an intimate relationship with our diagnoses and with our prescribed treatments. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear what sounds a lot like pride or even affection in an announcement like, “Oh, I have osteoporosis, you know.” Like it makes them special. How sick is that? Others refer to their over-the-counter or prescribed medications by a pet name—gotta take “my meds,” they’ll say.

Giving up drugs is something that nobody else can do for us. It’s a personal thing that’s numbing our senses, playing havoc with our bodies and robbing us blind. The only cure for getting off drugs is finding something that works better like ….  Why not try getting healthy instead?

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