It’s true that my time could come any day now; but then so could yours. If you happened to miss my blog these past months, you may have thought my time had already come, but that’s not the case.

The first nine months of 2011 were so un-fun that I declared a new, New Year beginning on September 6th instead of January 1. I had finally ended up in the hospital where they used a disgusting roto-rooter procedure to dislodge the source of months of nausea. I had lost 34 pounds from not wanting to eat. That is NOT a good way to take off pounds.

I was surprised to learn how much of the joy of living is centered around food – thinking about it, buying it, preparing it, eating it, and then talking about it – until the thought of it made me feel sick for months on end. I have a new reverence for food.

Now I’m closer to normal again and getting better by the day. I’ve had every test and procedure Medicare ever covered and I now know that my heart is great. It’s my lungs that operate at half mast. I over-worked them.

I also know why older people, at least, are more apt to talk about their health than all other subjects combined. It’s a very expensive habit – trying to stay well. I think I’ll take next year off from doctor’s offices.

May you be well without medications. Ha.



There is so much unrest in the world these days that it’s easy to find ourselves smugly feeling superior, more evolved, and even angry that things have come to this. We’re angry because these are not our battles. Yet we, claiming to be a more civilized people, keep getting involved, sending aid, losing lives, and wondering how those people ever let this happen to them in the first place.

It‘s apparent that the unrest has been brewing for a long time and just about everywhere on Earth at the same time. The pot is boiling over in one country after another; people who have had enough of dictatorship are demanding freedom from it. It’s messy, but it works. In every case though, they have a long way to go.

This unrest is nowhere more alive than in our own country. Here we are not gathering at the town square and throwing things at each other. We’re not taking up arms and pointing guns at the enemy. We’re not surrounding the White House; not yet anyway. But we are joining forces to expose the culprit and stop the nonsense before it’s too late.

Most people are not even aware of who the culprit is. Our unrest takes many forms: politics, medical bills, unemployment, Afghanistan, gasoline prices, education, etc. ad infinitum. But at the bottom of it all is the horrifying fact that big corporations now control every aspect of our lives.

We are in a dictatorship like none other. Even the remarkable man who won our presidency is trying to do his job with one hand tied behind his back. His every move is blocked by an arm of the corporate control ofWashingtonDC.  

What are the chances of our being able to overthrow this dictator? Well, they’re darned good. They’re good because there are so many of us (at least 85% of all Americans are against corporate control.) And our chances are good because we’re Americans.

Americans don’t surrender without taking a stand against the oppressor. An organization calling itself Move to Amend is growing like a wildfire. The hidden enemy has been gaining power since 1819, and now the people are losing ground all too fast. Corporations have the best lawyer money can buy, the Supreme Court of theUnited States.

Our power is in our numbers. We have them outnumbered almost nine to one. We can’t lose. Details and a proposed Amendment to the Constitution can be found at. www.movetoamend.org. Sign the petition. Questions? Email mavis@mcn.org

In my last post I asked if you know where the Moon is in your astrological chart? You may well be wondering what difference does it make?

Well …. if you’re a guy, the Moon in your chart tells us a lot about how you probably perceive women. And how you perceive women has a lot to do with what you will experience with women throughout your life. It begins with your relationship with your mother.

The Moon is always about the feminine and, of course, there is a feminine side in everybody. So first and foremost, your Moon is the feminine “voice” inside you, yourself; what Carl Jung called “the anima.” A guy tends to project that concept of woman onto all women; and he tends to attract women who exhibit those qualities.

 First off, there are generalizations about his Moon: water signs are more emotional, fire signs are more active, air signs are more mental, and earth signs are considered more stable i.e. perhaps more practical and maybe less exciting.

 If your Moon is in a water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you, too, are more emotional than the average man. If it’s in Cancer, your mother cried easily and often and nurtured you to death; if it’s in Scorpio she seems to have a control button at her command, and if it’s in Pisces, you may never get off the hook which is to say you may feel at worst trapped, or at least, obligated.

 I cannot imagine someone not interested in knowing about their own inner-workings,” the challenges and talents that their astrological chart reveals. This is stuff that you’ll never find on google. Only an astrologer can see and know some of the hundreds of details about you that are revealed by the symbols in your horoscope. It’s a map of your life and, I believe, the trip that your soul chose for you to take. 

I will be happy to provide you with the answer to the question, “What sign is your Moon in?” I’ll need from you the time of day you were born, your birth date and location. Unless you know the actual time, don’t guess at it. It’s far too important for an acurate chart. As a rule, your Moon sign does not require an exact time.

Be happy.

We should all be aware that people don’t hear things until they’re ready to hear them. It came as quite a surprise to me a day or so ago when I heard, for the “first time,” that we all have to have a purpose …. a reason for getting up in the morning. This time I really heard it.

 And I have to admit that it is very, very hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. I love being in my bed. It’s a Flo Bed and everything that they claim a Flo Bed to be. I’d rather be there than anywhere else on Earth. I’ve tried to restore my need for a cup of coffee when I wake up, I’ve tried to develop a desire for tea, or food, or to see what’s on TV. Nothing seems to work.

 When I finally got the message about purpose, I realized that that is missing in my life. I have to find a new purpose. I hope that this is not discouraging to all of you people who are younger than I am – which is almost everybody. But it is true. Real estate is not serving me as a purpose for being here.

 I had given quite a bit of thought already to the fact that old people used to have a purpose. They served younger people. They were looked to (even looked up to) to share their knowledge and experiences. They filled a need in society; some were even called wise ones. Well, you know what happened to that.

 Google came into being. It’s right at your fingertips, it’s very fast, it’s free, and it knows everything. Old people rarely, if ever, have that advantage. So why in the heck are we living longer than ever before – without purpose? I guess we have to outsmart Google. For me that would be to talk about astrology and relationships, the stuff I’m made of and Google can’t answer.

 I already have a blog or two. We could start there. I could invite readers to ask me questions, things they can’t find out on Google.

 Shall we give that a try? Do you know what sign your Moon is in? Ask Mavis.

I cannot believe that I’m still barking up that same ole tree. It’s like trying to let go of your dominate hand. This is the last item on my “bucket list.” It feels like I can’t kick the bucket without having done this. 

Thirty years ago this month I recorded a one-hour lecture in a Hollywood studio. When that day ended, I felt that I had done what I came here to do. I had been given a gift, and this was a way that I could share it with others.

I had been teaching this theory about the innate differences between men and women for quite awhile. At that time there was not a women’s section or a relationship’s section in public libraries. There were very few audio books in 1981. But I felt that my depth of understanding the subject and my broadcasting background would make a recorded message the best way to go.

It’s a timely message, just as true today as it was then, and has always been. I still have the original reel-to-reel version; I have cassette tapes; and now I have it on CD’s. What’s next? The inevitable. I aim to upload it onto the internet. This time the title will reveal what this is really about. It’s about, “What Women Don’t Know About Men.” And that, of course, is because of what women don’t know about women.

So if anybody knows how to go about uploading an audio message where people will find it, please let me know. I really want to wrap this thing up. As good as it is, I’m tired of it.

Yep, I’ve done it again – partied for a week.  This indulgence all started with my 80th birthday back in 2006. Some of you will remember a three-day party at a beach house near where I live.  It was such a smashing success that we can’t help but trying to replay it.

That year, on my actual birthday, we all dressed up and went to the Mendocino Hotel for a no host party. In other words, the whole event was Dutch Treat. Everybody bought their own drinks. Whenever anyone got hungry they ordered from an adequate bar menu and somebody brought it to their table. No getting ready for a party. No cleaning up after a party. Just being together.

So we did that again this year on my actual birthday, March 22nd. Since friends started arriving in town four days before that, and kept coming and going for days, the hotel gathering was very small but it was wonderful. I had TWO martinis, just to see if I could, and came home feeling that this really is the best way to “throw a party”.

I thought that that was it … but no.  When I went to work Thursday there was this gigantic cake (about 2 x 3 feet in actual size) and I learned that all the local Realtors had been invited to an Open House for ME. And on and on until Sunday night. Sunday afternoon I made my first appearance at a local bookstore and read from “Getting Lucky at Eighty” and then my buddy Michelle took me out to supper.

Monday I stayed home all day and slept.

Frankly, I was much happier being 84 than I am being 85. Silly as that sounds, I really mean it. Aren’t we wierd creatures though?  At 45 I felt sad that I was not who and where I wanted to be. By 60, I’d found me and took this “vow”. I will prefece every decision with: If I knew that I only had one year to live, would I do this?

I recommend that you adopt that habit no matter how old you are. It has saved me from all but two major decisions … when I forgot to ask my self the question .

EDITOR:  Fifty years ago our President, Jack Kennedy, posed the question, “What can I do for my country?” Interestingly enough, beyond serving in the military and paying taxes, there are not too many opportunities to do something for one’s country. Not since working the night shift in an aircraft company in World War II, have I felt more like I was doing something than I do by writing this letter. You’re doing something by reading it and spreading the word.

One would have to be blind not to see that the big corporations of America have already bought us and are now selling us out. They’ve already bought their way into Washington D.C. and are continuing to buy our politicians’ votes. And why not? They’ve actually had the Supreme Court of the land securely in their hip pocket since January of 2010 when the limits for funding political campaigns was lifted.

That was the ultimate decision to treat corporations just like persons, without any of the consequences. That’s what big corporations are doing for their country. They’re moving in like an avalanche. We, THE PEOPLE, can move the mountain.

Move to Amend proposes to amend the constitution, to take away, for once and for all, the myth that corporations are persons. Sign up for Move to Amend. Do something really big for your country.