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I was pretty surprised just now. I made an impulsive and brutally honest reply to a post that made it to the WordPress homepage, and my comment on that piece  appears to have been intercepted. Could that be?

Is there some kind of “big brother” who oversees your comment on a blog you’ve just read?  And if you’ve expressed a gut-level (soul level), negative response, (such as that you’re offended by the use of the f-word) are you supposed to tuck your tail and back away?

Sure, I know that blog comments are subject to editing and I understand why they have to be and I approve of that practice. Still, I sincerely hope that at least the blogger who offended me, had a chance to read my comment.

I’m not denying anybody their right to say whatever they need to say.  But I represent a few people, mostly elders, I suppose, who are offended by blatant disrespect for God’s sacred gift to man, sexual union.

And don’t lie to yourself and think that it “doesn’t mean that anymore.” That most POWERFUL word never has and never can mean anything other than what it says.

It’s angry, sick, demeaning and should be expected only on sidewalks and public restroom walls where it used to shock decent people when I was a kid. It can never be justified or cute or clever or lifted up. It cannot be other than what it is: sacrilegious.

I’m sorry for those who have to use that word to express themselves. I appreciate people not using it in my home. There has never been a movie, a show, a relationship, or a life, or a blog, that has been improved by use of the f-word.


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