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This has to sound oh, so silly, but when I miss a week posting something on my blog, I feel that I’ve let you all down.  It’s true; I actually feel that whatever I am led to write, could be important to someone, if only to one someone, to get a glimpse of their own future because none of us is going to escape old age–alive.

I’ve been thinking about what is probably the very worst part of getting old.   I think it’s only fair for me to pass that one on to you, my people.  And, of course, no matter what I say, you’re going to totally ignore it and do exactly what I’ve done, what we all do.

You’re going keep on doing what you’ve always done, and keep on believing what you’ve always believed, until sudddenly, with no warning whatsoever, one day you start to do something you’ve done thousands of times and find that you can’t do it anymore. 

The only thing that has changed is your body.  Your senses alternate between failing and painfully over-sensitive. Your balance is a little askew.  You think it’s remarkable when you watch other people playing tennis,  football, dancing, heck, running, or just walking briskly.   

The ole body doesn’t feel that different, but it surely is different because there’s not enough energy wherever we store energy, to keep it doing what we direct it to do anymore.

 What we have to learn from that is this:  It’s OK.  Youth is youth, with all its folly.  Maturity is security.   That entitles an elder person to smile.  Smile at life; smile at others lack of understanding or  their lack of caring; smile at yourself.  You’re still around for a reason.

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