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I’m looking for an excuse for ever having become a blogger in the first place. The process was too easy. Just go to www. wordpress.com and you’re through.  I signed up six month ago.

My question soon became: what are bloggers contributing to the future of humanity? I mean, really? I’m pretty sure that I am still open to learning and to new ideas so I keep reading blogs. I’m trying really hard to think of something new that I’ve learned from reading blogs.

There.  I thought of something.  I’ve learned how much alike we all are. How, when we blog, we project our need for sharing life, for approval, for acceptance, to be appreciated, to belong. And it WORKS.  It’s a sure-fire kudos opportunity like no other. How rare. How wonderful.

Beyond that, blogging has enabled me to travel the world, to see hundreds of fabulous pictures of unknown places, to rub elbows with many peoples I knew nothing about, to try new recipes, to weep for the less fortunate, and to pray for understanding. So I plan to keep on blogging.

How else, except by reading my blog, can anyone younger than me see the world from the point of view of an older, female American?

In your first 84 years of life on Earth, you, too, will have been many things, worn many hats, and played many roles. Still, I am looking for justificationfor this newest role, blogging. Why would I expect anyone to spend their valuable time reading anything that I have to say? It seems like technology has replaced the wisdom of elders and sort of put us out of business.

I have no breath-taking pictures to expose you to my pain, my joys, my failures or my successes. But I have reached the end of life chocked full of appreciation, free of anger, free of resentment, knowing full well that my bed is the bed that I have made for myself … and my cup runneth over with gratitude. Life is awesome.

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