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The gods had their way with me, uprooted me from my old Fort Bragg office and dropped me in a wonderful new location.

I’m working for a newer brokerage in town, Pamela Hudson Real Estate, on the corner of Main Street and Evergreen in Mendocino.

It’s heavenly. We’re across the street neighbors, half a block down, from that world-famous, old church with the remarkable spire. Our charming Victorian building is surrounded by lucious flower gardens, a nice lawn and picket fences.

The house itself has sets of tall bay windows and a unique, staggered floor plan that showcases interesting nooks and crannies everywhere. There are fireplaces, and ocean views. It’s elegant but warm and friendly with touches of the whimsical that make me smile.   

Yesterday I took a snack to work; an apple and some chunks of Jarlsburg cheese. I sat down on a small brown leather sofa, perfectly warmed by direct sun streaming into the south-facing bay window. I shuddered with pleasure. It felt like the universe was welcoming me into her arms.

On the coffee table I saw an array of Mendocino brochures and promotions (there’s a lot to brag about in this quaint little village.) And then I spotted a book of old photographs, collected and beautifully presented in this hard-cover book. I know the author. He’s a delightful local by the name of Nicholas Wilson. This particular book is like actually visiting here in the 1970s. I couldn’t put it down.

And, again, I was warmed, gladdened, and amazed at how the universe takes care of me.  It took me back to the words of that tear-jerking song from The Sound of Music … “somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something right.”

Love you all.

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