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In my last post I asked if you know where the Moon is in your astrological chart? You may well be wondering what difference does it make?

Well …. if you’re a guy, the Moon in your chart tells us a lot about how you probably perceive women. And how you perceive women has a lot to do with what you will experience with women throughout your life. It begins with your relationship with your mother.

The Moon is always about the feminine and, of course, there is a feminine side in everybody. So first and foremost, your Moon is the feminine “voice” inside you, yourself; what Carl Jung called “the anima.” A guy tends to project that concept of woman onto all women; and he tends to attract women who exhibit those qualities.

 First off, there are generalizations about his Moon: water signs are more emotional, fire signs are more active, air signs are more mental, and earth signs are considered more stable i.e. perhaps more practical and maybe less exciting.

 If your Moon is in a water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you, too, are more emotional than the average man. If it’s in Cancer, your mother cried easily and often and nurtured you to death; if it’s in Scorpio she seems to have a control button at her command, and if it’s in Pisces, you may never get off the hook which is to say you may feel at worst trapped, or at least, obligated.

 I cannot imagine someone not interested in knowing about their own inner-workings,” the challenges and talents that their astrological chart reveals. This is stuff that you’ll never find on google. Only an astrologer can see and know some of the hundreds of details about you that are revealed by the symbols in your horoscope. It’s a map of your life and, I believe, the trip that your soul chose for you to take. 

I will be happy to provide you with the answer to the question, “What sign is your Moon in?” I’ll need from you the time of day you were born, your birth date and location. Unless you know the actual time, don’t guess at it. It’s far too important for an acurate chart. As a rule, your Moon sign does not require an exact time.

Be happy.


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We should all be aware that people don’t hear things until they’re ready to hear them. It came as quite a surprise to me a day or so ago when I heard, for the “first time,” that we all have to have a purpose …. a reason for getting up in the morning. This time I really heard it.

 And I have to admit that it is very, very hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. I love being in my bed. It’s a Flo Bed and everything that they claim a Flo Bed to be. I’d rather be there than anywhere else on Earth. I’ve tried to restore my need for a cup of coffee when I wake up, I’ve tried to develop a desire for tea, or food, or to see what’s on TV. Nothing seems to work.

 When I finally got the message about purpose, I realized that that is missing in my life. I have to find a new purpose. I hope that this is not discouraging to all of you people who are younger than I am – which is almost everybody. But it is true. Real estate is not serving me as a purpose for being here.

 I had given quite a bit of thought already to the fact that old people used to have a purpose. They served younger people. They were looked to (even looked up to) to share their knowledge and experiences. They filled a need in society; some were even called wise ones. Well, you know what happened to that.

 Google came into being. It’s right at your fingertips, it’s very fast, it’s free, and it knows everything. Old people rarely, if ever, have that advantage. So why in the heck are we living longer than ever before – without purpose? I guess we have to outsmart Google. For me that would be to talk about astrology and relationships, the stuff I’m made of and Google can’t answer.

 I already have a blog or two. We could start there. I could invite readers to ask me questions, things they can’t find out on Google.

 Shall we give that a try? Do you know what sign your Moon is in? Ask Mavis.

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The widespread rumor that Premarin causes cancer has been going around since at least the 1950s. It’s out there like a smoldering campfire and every once in awhile somebody blows on it, and it flares up again. I know women right now living with hot flashes and other indications that they might benefit from a little Premarin, but their doctors won’t prescribe it. Too bad.

It was prescribed for me when I was only thirty years old after a ruptured tubal pregnancy had left me with only one ovary. That ovary went crazy and was producing a menstrual period every two weeks. With the recent surgery and three little kids to keep up with, Premarin, .0625 mg daily, was prescribed to bring my periods back into 28 day cycles.

I’ve never stopped taking it, 25 days a month, for 50 years now.

We will never know where I would have been without Premarin, of course. But my two sisters, one older and one younger, cannot understand how I could be as healthy as I am and have been for so long. They both have debilitating health conditions. I doubt that it’s because I’m the only milk drinker among us.

I am still tall and straight, have no osteoporosis, better than expected bone density, firm breasts, and all of my own teeth except for two. So I have no regrets for having been on Premarin for fifty years.  I can’t imagine not being able to work. It’s what I do.

With the information available to us today, we can check things out for ourselves, can’t we? We don’t have to take somebody else’s word for anything or buy into even what our doctor believes. There’s a lot of free comfort to be found with the Google search button and there are other doctors out there. Listen to your body; go for it.

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