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In my last post I asked if you know where the Moon is in your astrological chart? You may well be wondering what difference does it make?

Well …. if you’re a guy, the Moon in your chart tells us a lot about how you probably perceive women. And how you perceive women has a lot to do with what you will experience with women throughout your life. It begins with your relationship with your mother.

The Moon is always about the feminine and, of course, there is a feminine side in everybody. So first and foremost, your Moon is the feminine “voice” inside you, yourself; what Carl Jung called “the anima.” A guy tends to project that concept of woman onto all women; and he tends to attract women who exhibit those qualities.

 First off, there are generalizations about his Moon: water signs are more emotional, fire signs are more active, air signs are more mental, and earth signs are considered more stable i.e. perhaps more practical and maybe less exciting.

 If your Moon is in a water sign, (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you, too, are more emotional than the average man. If it’s in Cancer, your mother cried easily and often and nurtured you to death; if it’s in Scorpio she seems to have a control button at her command, and if it’s in Pisces, you may never get off the hook which is to say you may feel at worst trapped, or at least, obligated.

 I cannot imagine someone not interested in knowing about their own inner-workings,” the challenges and talents that their astrological chart reveals. This is stuff that you’ll never find on google. Only an astrologer can see and know some of the hundreds of details about you that are revealed by the symbols in your horoscope. It’s a map of your life and, I believe, the trip that your soul chose for you to take. 

I will be happy to provide you with the answer to the question, “What sign is your Moon in?” I’ll need from you the time of day you were born, your birth date and location. Unless you know the actual time, don’t guess at it. It’s far too important for an acurate chart. As a rule, your Moon sign does not require an exact time.

Be happy.


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