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The word people has taken on a new significance of late. It’s often preceeded by some seemingly innocent little word like “my” or “your.” We’ve all heard someone say, “my people will talk to your people.”

Whatever that really means, if seems to imply a payroll, doesn’t it? And more importantly, it suggests that people are getting paid to “do stuff for you.”  That would not be happening unless you were a VERY important person, right?

Being a very important person is not in my computer, but I believe that I “have people.” You must be one of them if you’re reading this. You cannot imagine what a thrill it is to get a sincere response to one of these posts on wordpress. Who would have imagined that I would live to see the day when it would be possible to sit down at my Vaio and share a random thought with a limitless number of other people out there  in “cyberspace?” 

Once in a while, what comes out of me, touches someone out there and we have a brief exchange of thoughts via email.  When that happens, I distinctly feel that a part of myself has made contact with another part of my self. The edges between two beings begin to blur, to run together, to blend. I can feel such closeness between us that’s it almost as if we could reach over and touch one another.  And you know what? It feels like love.

How is it possible to feel love for someone about whom I know absolutely nothing? Is there another name for this feeling? I don’t think so. I think it’s love. I think it’s obvious that the more people we “take in” to our awareness, the more we’re participating in life.

So, here’s a big hug for each of my people.

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