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They’ve made the news and set off another time bomb in the health care debate. What doesn’t?

I personally swore off of having mammograms years ago. My objection´╗┐ to having them is that, first of all, they hurt like the dickens, and I don’t trust the results. When I once┬áreviewed my own personal, medical records I found that I came across as a very difficult patient.

It was amazing to me how my medical history showcased the words “refused mammograms” like that’s all that matters. “Refused mammograms” was in those records over and over again, like I was some kind of freak or something.

And it’s true. I DID decide never to have another mammogram after the second one. My breasts were placed in a torture chamber and transformed thereby.

And I’m sure that most old people are difficult patients. We’ve gotten pretty used to our body by now and, besides, we’ve overcome a lot of fears. It’s fear that fuels the giant machine that’s bankrupting our country, the big brothers, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

This news about limiting mammograms sounds like somebody has found a way for the mammogram industry to benefit “big brother” (see my recent post) even if it’s to the detriment of the people. If nothing else, the news alone is spreading more fear and more anger.

Let’s just not buy into it. It’s a flash in the pan. Here today, gone tomorrow.


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