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Nowhere is it written that you have to go to a doctor. It’s never been mandatory; it’s a choice that we make. People have lived to a ripe old age who have never been in a doctor’s office. I have to admit that for me, life would have ended at 30, at 50, and again at 76 except for a doctor’s intervention and immediate surgery.

But because it is my choice to go to a doctor in the first place, I wonder why I have the right to sue the doctor should he/she do a less than perfect job? Law suits are, after all, at the root of today’s exhorbitant medical costs. I knew a Japanese gardener who was married to a doctor. His entire earnings for all that hard work barely paid his wife’s malpractice insurance each month.

Maybe suing a doctor should be limited to getting a refund for  the actual expenses incurred instead of expecting to “never have to work another day.” Maybe it’s time for us all to start living a little more responsibly, to stop mistreating our bodies and looking to doctors to fix it.


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