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EDITOR:  Fifty years ago our President, Jack Kennedy, posed the question, “What can I do for my country?” Interestingly enough, beyond serving in the military and paying taxes, there are not too many opportunities to do something for one’s country. Not since working the night shift in an aircraft company in World War II, have I felt more like I was doing something than I do by writing this letter. You’re doing something by reading it and spreading the word.

One would have to be blind not to see that the big corporations of America have already bought us and are now selling us out. They’ve already bought their way into Washington D.C. and are continuing to buy our politicians’ votes. And why not? They’ve actually had the Supreme Court of the land securely in their hip pocket since January of 2010 when the limits for funding political campaigns was lifted.

That was the ultimate decision to treat corporations just like persons, without any of the consequences. That’s what big corporations are doing for their country. They’re moving in like an avalanche. We, THE PEOPLE, can move the mountain.

Move to Amend proposes to amend the constitution, to take away, for once and for all, the myth that corporations are persons. Sign up for Move to Amend. Do something really big for your country.

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