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There is so much unrest in the world these days that it’s easy to find ourselves smugly feeling superior, more evolved, and even angry that things have come to this. We’re angry because these are not our battles. Yet we, claiming to be a more civilized people, keep getting involved, sending aid, losing lives, and wondering how those people ever let this happen to them in the first place.

It‘s apparent that the unrest has been brewing for a long time and just about everywhere on Earth at the same time. The pot is boiling over in one country after another; people who have had enough of dictatorship are demanding freedom from it. It’s messy, but it works. In every case though, they have a long way to go.

This unrest is nowhere more alive than in our own country. Here we are not gathering at the town square and throwing things at each other. We’re not taking up arms and pointing guns at the enemy. We’re not surrounding the White House; not yet anyway. But we are joining forces to expose the culprit and stop the nonsense before it’s too late.

Most people are not even aware of who the culprit is. Our unrest takes many forms: politics, medical bills, unemployment, Afghanistan, gasoline prices, education, etc. ad infinitum. But at the bottom of it all is the horrifying fact that big corporations now control every aspect of our lives.

We are in a dictatorship like none other. Even the remarkable man who won our presidency is trying to do his job with one hand tied behind his back. His every move is blocked by an arm of the corporate control ofWashingtonDC.  

What are the chances of our being able to overthrow this dictator? Well, they’re darned good. They’re good because there are so many of us (at least 85% of all Americans are against corporate control.) And our chances are good because we’re Americans.

Americans don’t surrender without taking a stand against the oppressor. An organization calling itself Move to Amend is growing like a wildfire. The hidden enemy has been gaining power since 1819, and now the people are losing ground all too fast. Corporations have the best lawyer money can buy, the Supreme Court of theUnited States.

Our power is in our numbers. We have them outnumbered almost nine to one. We can’t lose. Details and a proposed Amendment to the Constitution can be found at. www.movetoamend.org. Sign the petition. Questions? Email mavis@mcn.org


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There comes a time when we’ve simply had it with an election invading our privacy. We’ve maxed out from the ugly sounds of it. We have to take steps to save our sanity.  My TV will be silent for the next week.

I think it was the 2008 election going into it’s 18th month that pushed us over the edge with politicians. It’s really pretty funny. While they’re telling us how faithfully they’re going to “represent” us, they’re never at their desks at all, but are getting paid to represent themselves on a street corner somewhere. 

I guess it’s good for the economy, all those millions of dollars being spent while people go hungry all around us. It surely can’t hurt the media. And it’s not new, of course.

Politicians have always lied and been mean-spirited toward one another. But it does seem to me that the standards have changed, that no holds are barred as to false claims, that there are no limits at all. It has begun to sound like one of those toys that you wind up and turn loose. The endless sound of anger and lying is disturbing to the soul. 

So I’ll get back to what little TV I do watch after Tuesday of next week. I’ll vote, of course. I’m an American. If I don’t vote, ethically, I might lose my right to complain.

But, I have to tell you, I no longer expect anything “good for the people” to be coming from our elected “representatives.” Not from any of them. They must start out with the best of intentions, with great hopes of making a difference, and then after the votes are counted, find themselves in such a tight space, they have no options at all.

 Government is like a giant machine – too long operating from a pre-programmed state to be changed by a new face, or a new party. Yet we have to act as if, to get out and vote, and to hold on to the vision that the universe is so much bigger than any one election. Whether or not we can see it, the eternal laws are always working, always winning.

 I’m so glad I’m along for the ride.

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Nowhere is it written that you have to go to a doctor. It’s never been mandatory; it’s a choice that we make. People have lived to a ripe old age who have never been in a doctor’s office. I have to admit that for me, life would have ended at 30, at 50, and again at 76 except for a doctor’s intervention and immediate surgery.

But because it is my choice to go to a doctor in the first place, I wonder why I have the right to sue the doctor should he/she do a less than perfect job? Law suits are, after all, at the root of today’s exhorbitant medical costs. I knew a Japanese gardener who was married to a doctor. His entire earnings for all that hard work barely paid his wife’s malpractice insurance each month.

Maybe suing a doctor should be limited to getting a refund for  the actual expenses incurred instead of expecting to “never have to work another day.” Maybe it’s time for us all to start living a little more responsibly, to stop mistreating our bodies and looking to doctors to fix it.

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