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In the remote area where I live there aren’t many secrets. Almost daily we see people waving banners or otherwise displaying their political views, their Christianity, or other spiritual claims on their vehicles or on their bodies, sometimes at gatherings—like on street corners. A common claim is to be for peace. They may use the word itself or its well-known symbol.

 Using the word peace does not give anyone special dispensation – even if they’re a priest or a reverend. Peace is not a password or a salutation that makes you special. It is a great deal more than a soft, five-letter word and a pretty symbol. Peace is a state of mind. Some people have never known what it feels like to be at peace.

 A few people spend most of their time there. We think of them as peacemakers. They have a way of making other people feel comfortable and accepted and safe. Peacemakers care about their fellowman and they demonstrate caring in all of their dealings with others. They do not rant and rave. They are not radical or angry at the world. They don’t go around passing judgment upon others or running away from a boogieman.  

 Peacemakers make peace.

 As I’m writing this I’m seeing that there is a definite connection between peace and love. Perhaps when we are evolved enough to love enough, we will automatically experience and feel and spread peace wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. There’s no doubt in my mind that there is a peacemaker in all of us. Maybe we could take those negative emotions that come at us and try to convert them into feelings of love. Objects who could use some love and for whom we could feel some, are all around us, all the time. 


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