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Come New Year’s Eve, you’ve got to pop a bottle of champagne if you’re lucky enough to have one. Nothing is more festive than champagne. But, when there aren’t that many people celebrating it with you, there’s always a lot more left than gone and the bottle is not  reclosable.   

Chances are that there’s a French recipe offering a great solution for this rare, but very real, problem. Isn’t it the French who love to cook with wine? I wonder what would have happened if I’d disposed of some of it in the black-eyed-peas? They were especially good this year, by the way. The original, traditional recipe calls for hogs maws to season the pot.

Well, I’ve made black-eyed-peas on New Year’s Eve forever, in many regions, and have yet to find hogs maws for sale in a market . I buy ham hocks. You probably do too. And they’re fine. This year, however, my daughter-in-law handed over the bone from the Christmas ham she’d cooked. What a treat. Even the dogs had a treat for New Year’s Day, 2010. Don’t you just love the sound of it?  “Twenty-ten?”

I hope that each and every one of us has had some sort of an awakening in this first ten years of our new century and our new millenium. We are all different people than we were in Y2K. Hopefully, we’re wiser.

We’re sort of expriencing a miracle, I think.  We’ve never seen so much change happening so fast. It seems as if every minute now there is something new happening, but is it happening around us or in us, or of us? The more we learn about the world around us the smaller the world becomes, the more coincidences and connectedness we see, and the more like everybody else we become.

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