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It’s official. Tuesday, the 21st, is the Winter Solstice when the diminishing light will make a sudden switch and start bringing us more light every day. The winter solstice is always a welcome gift. 

It finalizes the fall equinox, starting in late September, which has forever dropped us into a three-month period of diminishing light. What that brings, day by day, is the heaviest season of the year: winter. There are sicknesses, suicides, and all kinds of depression because the Sun is our source of life–our energy source, literally.  

When we go to bed Tuesday night a weight will have been lifted off of our shoulders. We’ll feel lighter, more optomistic, more hopeful. And the whole universe  will be moving with those positive thoughts. This is not theory, this is fact.

It is bringing me to a new place, and I hope that’s true for you too. I hope that your past week has been as interesting and beneficial as mine. I’ve driven over 800 northern California miles, seen and spent time with three, precious great-grandsons, shared in the love of their household and had some significant help in the neuropathy that plagues my feet and lower legs.

My first night back home I went to the company party and found myself inside without my cane. I’d fogotten that I have one. Pretty remarkable since for a few short months I have felt that I really needed a cane to walk safely–especially at night and it was night. I’m not saying that I’m cured, but I feel sure that my neuropathy won’t get any worse now. Help is on the way.

That Sun that I talked about just made an appearance, the first one today where I live, and I sent it all the love I could muster. I swear it loved me back; I could feel it.

Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays!

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