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She wasn’t bleeding and she hadn’t turned blue, but my heart was aching for this pretty young girl who was searching for her lost Blackberry. It had been missing for almost half an hour–an eternity. “Had anyone turned one in?” she asked the store clerk. Her colorless face told the whole story of how important this piece of technology was to her.

New to her generation, a Blackberry, or its equivalent, seems to be more important than anything else in life.  To loose one is totally unacceptable. This is her life. This is who she is now. Texting is sort of a mindless activity that seems to be replacing thinking.

Now, a missing cell phone has left an attractive young woman in a state of panic, without identity. She has depended upon this gadget to store and reveal everything about her life, and it’s all gone.

So my question is:  Why would anyone turn in a Blackberry that they happened to have found? They cost a lot of money. And with a bit of programming, couldn’t the new owner create for themselves a whole new identity? Couldn’t they? Or not? I don’t know the answer.

Ignorance is bliss.


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