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Should you happen to  be someone who actually reads my blog, you may have been offended by Friday’s post, “I Suffer for Tiger Woods”.

If so, I am sorry, but I cannot take back any part of my comments regarding the Tiger Woods tragedy. The tragedy was the publicity, of course.

My little sister, now 79, who still lives in the Bible Belt in Kansas strongly disagreed with my sympathy for Tiger Woods. She, like so many other people, now sees this once famous American as slime because, after all his successes, he defensively made plans to protect himself emotionally even though it involved deceiving his wife. That was very poor judgement on his part. But is it a cardinal sin? Is it unforgivable? Not in my book.

There is no question that men have, have had, and may always have certain advantages over women. It’s a physical world and they’re bigger and stronger than we are, physically. So be it.

It’s just that in striving to compete with those male advantages, we may be losing sight of our own powers. We are woman. Woman lures man. She is not usually forced into illicit behavior but usually goes there by choice. Having made that choice I think she should admit responsibility, that’s all.


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Can somebody tell me, can anybody out there tell me, why, when we’re comfortably settled into the 21st Century, we’re still using an Elizabethan yardstick to measure honor? I honor Tiger Woods, for his gifts and for his accomplishments.

Tiger Woods is an American super-star. He has made it to the top by mastering a sport and breaking all kinds of records. Can sticks and stones make him less than that? Not in my book.

I’ve just seen him discussed on Larry King Live. We learned today that he’s a lousy public speaker, but Stephan A. Smith perfectly voiced my feelings about Tiger Woods with his reasonable, logical, compassionate insight into what happened to Tiger Woods and why. It’s one of the oldest of stories.

What’s beyond me is why his weakness is perceived as being all his fault? Dozens, if not scores, of women are considered “injured” by him when the truth is that he gave each and every one of them exactly what they wanted more than anything else in the world at the time. (Some of them knew full well that he was a married man.)

But then once each of them got him in the sack, she wanted more. She wanted it all. Most women want it all. (Yeah, I know, men too.)

It’s our quickened pace, our delusions as to what matters in the long run and a scary inability to keep things separated like we used to. I keep telling you that things are beginning to blur.

I like to think it’s the beginning of recognizing the Oneness of all things.

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