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Does Bill Gates tweeting mean the dissolution of the barriers among classes of people? Could he possibly be just one of us?

I feel like I know Bill Gates. Like we’ve been on a first name basis since I bought XP Pro for both of my computers–at work and at home.  I resolve my frequent irritation with his/Microsoft’s persistent interference like this:  I press the print key.  Do you want to print? Yes, I want to print. Are you sure you want to print? Yes, Bill, I’m sure I want to print. Nothing. Look again.

But, eventually, it brings a smile and I’ve definitely adopted the little dog who does my searching for me. Sheer genius. I would literally adopt him if he were available.

I am in awe of a mind that puts mine to shame. I am grateful that I am sharing a window of time with such a remarkably, progressive channel of knowledge.

I wonder what it would be like to oppose him in a hand of bridge?

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