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Strange that my daughter should ask what the doctor said? I replied that he inspired me to write a new blog. It might aptly be called “FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!” 

When I finally got out of bed this morning, I was amused by the countless things that I’m “supposed to do” every morning. Yesterday’s doctor visit added to those: 1) gargle with hot salt water and 2) use Epson salts packs on the thing on your face.

Already I’m supposed to start the day by stimulating the nerves of my hands and feet with a bath brush (for neuropathy), do 75 scissors and 60 each leg lifts in bed, do isometric stretches with both arms over my head and to each side, get up and go pee, do two exercises against a wall to stretch your feet and calves, drink a tall glass of warm water, use my eye drops, brush my teeth, splash my face thirty times with warm water, moisturize … and then check my email. By now it may be noon. It usually is. 

So now I have to eat something so I can take my new collection of vitamins. (Of COURSE, I cheat. I don’t EAT when I’m not hungry, not for anybody. I don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. I’m 84.) Three different new vitamins were prescribed when I had those neuropathy treatments recently, all B vitamins, but THREE? So it’s finally happened.

I definitely need that compartmentalized box now to keep my pills straight. I never expected to get this old, but here it is. Only two of them are medications so I feel extremely lucky. I think of the others as maintenance pills and I’m getting to be a very high-maintenance someone to know. I’m not at all sure that I’m worth it.

But the best part of my doctor’s visit last week was this: he checked my ears and volunteered, “I don’t know how you can hear with all that wax in your ears.” 

This set me back a bit because within the month I had been charged $48.00 for an intensive ear examination by a specialist who didn’t even LOOK in my ears. Yet, he was able to determine which pair of hearing aids he would recommend for me and with my insurance company’s contribution, they would only run about $3,200.00, far cheaper than anything else in his catalog. Did I want to order them now?  I’ll bet he lives in an oceanfront mansion and takes sleeping pills to sleep.

So that’s how it goes. See, I told you;  it’s noon already. I love each and every one of you.

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