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As I turned off the highway and anticipated arriving home to my little abode, the main thing on my mind was gratitude that it would be warm inside. I was chilled to the bone, and I know that people all over the world exist in that miserable state–chilled. How lucky I am to have a warm place to come home to on a rainy day. Being warm is so soothing, so comforting, so healing. 

I flashed back to my morning shower, and how I had turned away from the showerhead and reveled in the feel of warm water on my back and shoulders. What a blessing, to go from a warm bed to a warm bathroom and into a warm shower. 

Being warm or just being in contact with a warm object  is among the greatest feelings on Earth. A blanket that’s been warmed and placed over you  is the only redeeming feature about being in a hospital. You fall in love with the sensitive nurse who provides this simple comfort.

In the same category fall: heating pads, hot water bottles, hot tubs and mineral springs all intended to heal our aches and pains and improve our dispositions. A massage is all about warm hands awakening dormant cells and restoring life all over the body.

I guess if I had to pick a word that comes the closest to paying forward  love, it would be the word warm. So for this whole holiday season coming up I wish you warm!

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