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What did she expect? That Tiger Woods was going to marry her?  The post below was written when Monica Lewinsky, with no apparent  shame for having sold her body for fame and fortune, exploited our then president.

In the familiar allegory of the first relationship between a man and a woman there was a significant apple. The story contends that the eating of this apple brought about the “fall of man, and that the apple was served up to Adam by a woman.

To this day we tend to believe that a properly displayed temptation, such as the flash of a pair of thong panties, can bring a man down from the highest pinnacle of achievement.

The unmistakable similarity between this more recent display of temptation in the Oval Office and that first one in the allegorical Garden of Eden is all too obvious. But, who would dare to suggest that such a man, or any man for that matter, could actually be beguiled by a clever female and still think of himself as a man?

And so, once again tradition holds: Adam finally accepts full responsibility for “eating the apple”, apologizes, and sets himself up to pay the price for his indiscretion. The unutterable alternative would be to acknowledge that he had been seduced or brought to such degeneration by a mere woman.

Well, if it’s true that women can be so easily brainwashed by the workings of the more generative male mind, perhaps we need to take another look at that. It won’t be easy. To begin with, we’ll have to bring ourselves to consider the possibility that he might actually have a more generative mind. Only then can we seriously consider a real-life example of how it works in everyday life.

A woman must never underestimate the persuasive powers of the male mind. It’s one of the things we find so attractive about him, isn’t it? We may not always like it very much such as when we wake up in the morning and realize we’ve “been had” the night before.

But, even then, we can’t help but admire the way he managed to get what he wanted—how an ordinary man can transform into some kind of genius when he sets out to con or seduce a woman. It’s a gift, and it has a counterpart in female.

We still have the capacity to completely captivate an unsuspecting male and to lead him panting, astray. It takes more than an apple, more than a pair of thong panties. Women are still a mystery to men, and we had better hope that it stays that way.

Sex, in and of itself, does not satisfy the voracious appetite of the male ego (although they’ll never quit believing that it might.) So, what is it that female holds over male? What makes her such a mystery?

She holds the possibility of a more enduring fulfillment—one that can only be administered by a woman. It is non-threatening and it is non-­competitive. It can come, exclusively, from the woman who is confident and happy in her own feminine form. It comes naturally when a woman matures and truly understands and appreciates the masculine gender—free of envy, anger or resentment.

This kind of woman understands that his needs are not that different from her own. She knows that he seeks to be desired, respected and cherished. He needs to be made to feel singularly special like Adam must have felt when Eve offered him the forbidden apple.

P.S. When will we ever hear of a MAN disgracing a famous woman by getting her in the sack and telling the whole world about it?  Interesting thought, isn’t it?


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